A Child’s Breath Away

There is a new magnet poem on my desk on this Monday afternoon.  I had a busy weekend full of writing projects: putting together this website, editing chapter 1 of A Light from the Ashes, and plotting out my literary fiction piece.   The editing consisted of actual cutting and pasted with a paper copy of chapter 1.  The plotting of the new work included naming main characters, deciding on important scenes, and figuring out what the climax will be.


After such a weekend, it was lovely to swim in random words today not connected to a larger work.

When I write my magnet poems, I find that the randomness of the words I have to choose from, smashed together in strange ways helps me think about ideas in ways I never have before.  It primes the pump of creativity and leads me on a random excursion, like a hike through a forest where I’ve never been, following trails I’ve never seen.  It’s exciting and makes me feel adventurous.


For this new magnet poem, I found that it started out with innocence and a sleepy sort of respite, but twisted and wound its way into a tale of cause and effect, action and consequence.  I had no vision for the poem before I started, and just let it speak to me and be whatever it wanted to be.

child's breath away

So, I leave you with this poem and a challenge for you to break out of your routine (even your creative routine).  Try something new, look at a word in a new way, try strange combinations, and see what your mind can come up with.  You’ll be surprised at the creativity that washes over you.

A child’s breath away,

kissed by garden sunshine,

women lie lazily barefoot,

dreaming of summer moments

before they trusted men and tasted life

beneath a friendly sky

and lusting hands.


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