Five Stars for A Light from the Ashes

From a review from Online Book Club: "A Light from the Ashes by Rachel Anne Cox is a truly revolutionary novel that takes readers on a mesmerizing journey filled with breathtaking plot twists and turns. From the first page to the last, this literary masterpiece keeps you on the edge of your seat, eager to unravel... Continue Reading →

We’re Back!

Well, friends, it's been a minute since I wrote here. More precisely, it's been two and a half years! The pandemic hit everyone pretty hard, and I was not exempt from that. In addition, I met my spouse and got married in the time since we last chatted! We did it! I haven't been completely... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Post

Well, it's that time of year. Holiday posts, songs, stories, and events abound. This holiday season has been harder than some for me, but not as hard as others. Every year is different, I suppose. And no matter how many traditions we try to keep, there are no two Christmases alike. I don't have much... Continue Reading →

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